Week 8

Diary 8 – April 12th to May 23rd

As mentioned in the last diary, Tuppence has been advised to lose a bit of weight, so today was the first day of “no lunch”.  He came home from the market (where I might add he got a few treats) and sat waiting for the food to be dished up and given.  When nothing came, he gave a “very big” sigh, went to the spare room and hid under the bed sulking.  When he did come out, the big brown eyes were enough to melt steel – no one feeds me! (I had to be strong willed not to give in)! A week into the “diet” and although I have not weighed him, I think he has lost a bit of weight… he now has lots of loose skin that wriggles when he walks!

In the past week, Tuppence has gone from a reasonably good puppy to a puppy horror. He has chewed (and I can’t use the excuse of teething) the hose pipe, three hosepipe tap connectors, a hosepipe join, pulled the bottom throngs from the banana palm and chewed them, bringing them into the house as a mangled mess, and finally yesterday decided that the pool was great fun and swam from morning until night, coming out dripping wet….straight into the house and “dried himself” on the “were clean” carpets. I go away at the end of the week and he is having more kennel time….a good thing I think!  He is also during the time away, going to be castrated. (I can positively hear all the male readers saying ouch!) Guide Dogs do this to all male dogs at about 7 months unless they feel that the pup will make a good stud dog, likewise the bitches get spayed normally after their first season unless they are to be a brood bitch. While under anaesthetic the vet will check out why he is snoring and when carrying things in his mouth it sounds like he is blowing into an empty bottle!

This evening (25th April), Tuppence is playing with his “Kong” (this is a rubber toy that can be stuffed/filled with treats – his is with biscuits). He has taken this into the sunroom, and is dropping it from the couch (guide dog staff, please ignore the last few words) where he is sitting onto the floor, and then picking it up again, and dropping it again, hopefully to get the biscuits.  Obviously he has been watching me when I want to “break” something that has been in the deepfreeze to separate! CLEVER….. (Pity it is too dark to take a photo).

Thursday 26th April saw Tuppence going into kennels again for two week stay as mentioned above while I go on holiday and he has his op.  I am pleased to report, now that I am back and have the computer at my finger tips, that all is well and the op was satisfactory.  He is just a bit sore.  As for the snoring story…. He has a long soft palette, but no intervention is required during the growing stage, so I shall have either to put up with it or get ear plugs… I think the former as I need to hear if the alarm goes off!!!! I am due to collect him only on Monday 14th, but will see if I cannot bring him home earlier… Sammie is pining for company.  Unfortunately this was not possible as I had to guarantee that he would not get wet, and since he has “found” the swimming pool the matter was taken out of my hands as his stitches were only being removed on Saturday 12th May.  I then decided that I would only collect him on Tuesday 15th as I had to be at guide dogs for Sue’s Farewell “do” – save petrol!  It is also probably for the best as I had to have a small operation on a toe last week and am at the moment hobbling around in a small plaster cast over my foot, so walking him will be a challenge to say the least.

Ok Tuppence is now home and really quite subdued.  He really is trying to behave; at least that is what I think he is trying to tell me… that he is growing up.  After all his “manhood” has been snipped, so it is time to behave!

The other day, as I was sitting resting my foot (which is much better than  it was two weeks ago, and I am now walking on it, slowly but with shoes on, much to the surprise of all who saw me the other day. Each day it is less tender), I watched Tuppence by the pool.  I often wondered how he got into it and where he swan to/from.  Anyway, he was playing with the water, patting it like a baby does in the bath, and he stretched further and further from the side where he was lying, and there you are a very graceful descent from the side into the water, no fuss, no splash, no noise.  He then did a couple of paddles to the end, and then turned and came to the steps, where he got out, stood and dripped and looked at me as if to say “see, that is how it is done, now will you dry me as the water is bl…y cold!”

Even though I am a bit of a “cripple” at the moment I am trying to walk Tuppence daily, all be it for short walks…. He is being very good and is actually walking to my pace, not his… which shows that he is listening to my commands.  When I get back into “proper walking” I shall just have to up the pace, to show him the correct speed otherwise he will think it OK to walk at snails pace!
He really is quite funny when tired and wants to sleep… he takes himself off either to his bed in my bedroom and curls up, or goes into the study and rolls under the bed.  One day when I am not taking him with me, I amgoing to forget him and switch on the alarm and go out! (I have done it before with Sammy, so the alarm people, I think, are getting used to this “old” bat!).

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