Week 7

Diary 7 – March 9th to April 11th

Today is Sunday 11th, and I decided that it was time that Tuppence is introduced to going to church.  Luckily, I go to a Church where I am accepted as being the “dog lady”.  I have taken all the pups that I have walked, hence the name.  As this was a first for him, I was expecting trouble and I did warn the Minister that he might “sing”, but he was a good as gold, lay at my feet until he got bored (like any small child does during the sermon) when he started shuffling around.   I might add that he did drop off to sleep too, but luckily his snoring was not loud!  When he and I went up for communion and sat patiently until time to go back to the pew… what a star! Naturally he was given lots of hugs and love by the congregation.

The other evening I was sitting watching TV with Sammy and Tuppence sitting/lying at my feet.  Sammy then decided that she would start nudging Tuppence with her nose (despite both being seated/lying) – not sure if that was to say “hey you, this is my spot with Mum” or “what about of bit of play before bed”.  Anyway, it went on for a bit – she nudged him, he nudged her back and then out of the blue came a BIG nudge from Sammy, catching Tuppence totally off balance to the point that he fell over backward.  Well, if you had seen the face (the camera naturally not at hand when required) of Tuppence… total astonishment and bewilderment as if saying “hey what happened there, I was only playing”.

I know it sounds a nasty thing to say, but Sammie is a much happier dog since Xara left us.  Maria also has noticed that she is more confident and relaxed.  She even now does a bit of barking at the fence, something she did not do when Xara was around.  One gets the feeling that she is no longer looking over the shoulder to check where the next blow may come from….  She is now even starting to play with Tuppence, but it has to be on her terms…. She has to be in the mood!

This last weekend, 23rd to 26th March, I had to go away leaving Tuppence and Sammie in the safe, capable and loving hands of Maria.  So instead of Tuppence sleeping in the house with me, he had “sleep out” with Maria.  Both loved the experience, even though Maria was woken by the cold nose and the paws on her chest at 3 am!  Sammie also joined in the “sleep out” by joining them in Maria’s room instead of the kennel… she soon found her place – on the bed with Maria!!!

Yesterday, 29th March, I received a phone call from kennels asking if Ezra can come home for a holiday as his trainer is going away, naturally the answer was “yes please”.  So this afternoon, Thando and I go and collect him.  What fun he and Tuppence will have over the next 10 days! (Having just had the house carpets cleaned I am hoping that there is no rain).  Today, Friday, Thando and I collected him as requested….he was wet from playing with his water (first bad sign!), then as soon as he got home he dashed in and straight on to the top step of the pool (second bad sign!)… Then he came inside and shook himself over the newly cleaned carpets (third bad sign!)….and to think I have 10 days of this…..oh dear, but I do love him.

Tuppence and Ezra are having a ball, but oh the naughty things they have got up to in the space of 5 days is alarming – At the weekend, I was having a tree cut down and as the branches were felled,Tuppence and Ezra were at the ready to pull the smaller sticks and run through the garden, one at each end.  The only problem was that other shrubs and trees got in the way and neither would give so it became a tug of war as to who would get the branch… as neither was strong enough to pull it on there own, it got dumped to get another, and so it went on.  Then the hand towel from the kitchen went missing – you got it – tug of war and now in shreds. Alex the gardener was here today, Wednesday, and placed around a flower bed some edging material to make trimming the grass edges easier and to make to bed look a bit better.  I came home from collecting Thando from a friend and taking him swimming,  to wails from Maria that Tuppence and Ezra had pulled it all up, and again, had a tug of war with it.  When I went into the garden and picked up a bit of the shredded edging – saying to both dogs” who did this – you naughty boys”, both looked at me with innocence all over their faces as if to say, “we didn’t do it, not sure how it got like that”.  Anyway, Ezra being bolder came with me to collect the pieces, and when I again reprimanded with “who did this” – Tuppence, who was loitering behind, turned turtle ran into the house and hid, only to come out when I came to give him a cuddle! – guess what, it is staying in the garage until next Wednesday when Ezra has gone back and Alex can replace it!!!!

The time with Ezra was wonderful and I really appreciated it… thank you Permit for going away during School Holidays allowing Thando time to play with “his” puppy!!! Today I had to return Ezra, but as it was the start of the new school term it fitted well into the routine.  Tuppence is now sulking because his playmate, and partner in crime, is missing.  I can genuinely see that he is missing his playmate! He went for a walk to the post office with me this morning very begrudgingly, however, he was VERY good.  His snoring and his lack of speed/stamina during walks do however worry me.  He is going into kennels again while I go to my timeshare in KZN at the end of the month, so will mention it to them, as it could be that during that time he will be castrated (the norm for male pups at about 7 months)…ouch!!!!! , they can do some other investigations while under anaesthesia.

Today, Wednesday 11th April, my voluntary working day at guide dogs, Tuppence was advised to go on a diet… he was told that he was “a bit porky”…. So perhaps with his snoring and being a bit porky he has got his genes crossed and should have been a pig!!!! (sorry Tuppence, I do love you).

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