Week 2

Week 2 – 21 to 27 December 2011

Day 1
Today Tuppence was 9 weeks old, which meant increasing his food allowance on his 3 meals a day by 10gr. per meal.   It does not sound much but for a small tummy it is quite a lot.  Generally a normal day without hiccups bar the inevitable puddles and poohs in the house…. He really cannot get it into his head that he MUST do his business OUTSIDE!Xara is now becoming a bit more tolerant and allowing occasionally, on her terms, a bit of playtime with her… Sammy on the other hand is definitely increasing the volume of the bark as if to say “layoff”.

Day 2
As a puppy raiser, having a small puppy in the house is like having a human baby around.  Sleep patterns change, you need eyes in the back of your head and other places if possible, and ALL items on low shelves must be moved to higher levels…as the puppy grows so do the height of the shelves. Your reactions must be on “high tuning” to get to places before anything happens, at least you try. Today, Ezra my last dog who is now in training came home for his Christmas holiday.  Tuppence came in the car to fetch him from kennels… the more trips he does the more used to the car he gets and does not fret.  The two dogs met on the field. Playing was out of the question as Ezra met up with his brother and they went off, but tuppence met Viking, a golden retriever puppy more his own age and they had a lovely time playing and romping.

Day 3
Wow… we all only surfaced at 6.30 am… that is Ezra, Tuppence and I.  Perhaps having a playmate is working for Tuppence.  Today Tuppence had to be left on his own for the evening in the kitchen while I went out.  This is the longest time I have left himon his own. The radio was left on for him for company.  His toys were with him for play.  Getting back about 10 pm, having left him at 5.45 only 2 puddles greeted me.

Day 4 – Christmas Eve
Tuppence this morning nearly gave me a heart attack… he disappeared… nowhere could I find him. Searched the back garden, checked the pool (actually the first place), checked the front garden in case he was like Peter Rabbit and “squeezed under the gate”. Just as I was about to send out the search party, there he sat on the patio (where I had been running back and forth), smug look on his face as if to say “here I am, what is all the fuss about”.  He got a big hug and cuddle letting him know how :a) naughty he was b) how happy I was to see him and c) don’t ever do that again! (Must find his hiding spot).

Day 7
Christmas Day and Boxing Day came and went. With having Ezra home, Tuppence has been kept VERY busy. He is exhausted by the end of the day and sleeps until about 6am.  Ezra and Tuppence play beautifully together, and I know that next week I shall have a very naughty puppy around the place as he will be missing “his friend”.
A mealtime is now quite an orderly affair… not bad after two weeks.  Tuppence sits quietly as the food gets dished up and then waits (not for long mind you) while I put it on the floor before diving in.  I haven’t timed him but he is not as fast to finish as some pups that I have had.
Next week it will be all go, as the New Year begins.  Tuppence will start his “puppy school classes”, and like a human grade 1 child starting school for first time Tuppence will find it hard to begin with… as this is where and when all the discipline will start – the sits, the downs, the stays and much more.

In the two weeks since Tuppence has left his siblings he has adapted and settled into the family quite well.  He knows his name comes when called (sometimes), how to go out and do a busy on his own(sometimes he forgets),to busy on command on a lead (I am quite proud of that) and that the swimming pool is to be treated with respect (having fallen in during the first week).  He also knows to bark in the morning to wake me if he wants out, and to show respect to Xara and Sammie (even though he barks back at them).  He is VERY vocal, and will bark at anything or for anything…. this I hope will calm down as he grows older and more responsive to commands.

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