Week 12

Diary 12 – 1st month of training

Tuppence went in for his formal training on 2nd October.  He was handed over to the trainer in the service dog training section.  He was there for only a short time as it was decided that he was rather strong and perhaps a person in a wheelchair may not be able to handle him.  So he was handed over to the training section for those dogs being trained for blind or visually impaired persons.  The following is his first report card from his trainer – Permit…..

“As you aware that I am training your boy Tuppence, he is happy and healthy in kennels. He is a calm and relaxed boy.

He does loose concentration a bit and little bit of dog distraction we are working on that.

These two weeks Tuppence and I we spend some of our time bonding it went very well, we also did Van and Kennel obedience, he did good on that too. I introduced the obstacle work and did walk outside the centre .  He is willing and keen to learn which makes our training move to the right direction.”

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