Week 10

Diary 10 – June 25th to 30th August

Tuppence really has been in my bad books just over the past week.  He has managed to dig various holes in the grass, pull off flowers and leaves from my giant strelitzia, tear his bed and pulled out the stuffing on two occasions… and chew two connections for the hose pipe.  Perhaps this was his way of telling me not to go away!

Apart from that we have been working on accessing the smaller toilets using treats and he is much better, I am glad to say. He has been enjoying his walks and is really quite calm for which I am grateful as he is not quite a fully grown dog!
When I concluded the last diary, I said that Tuppence, while I was away for 6 weeks visiting my sister in UK, would be going into kennels for a bit and then going to a temporary home.

Well it was like musical roundabouts…. One of the puppy walkers offered to take Tuppence from today 6th July as her dog – Ogden – of nearly 11 months was going in for training from Monday 2 July… it would fill the gap.
Great…. Only it did not work like that… Ogden went to kennels; he was assessed by the trainers and then sent back to the puppy walker as he was to be sent to Cape Town for training but only on 23rd July.

My first reaction was that Tuppence should go to kennels until Ogden goes back, but I was assured by the puppy walker that all would be well.  Having just dropped him off on Friday 6th July with not a backward glance to me… only eyes for play time with another four legged friend I am sure that all will be fine…

After a few days I received a message to tell me that he had settled in very well and that he and the cat were pals without having had any cat/dog fights.  This I was particularly happy to hear, as Tuppence does not know that cats can sometimes share a home and garden harmoniously – he chases my neighbours’ cats from my garden.

Ogden has shown him all his toys and was very happy to share them. As I had not taken toys, not to be outdone, Tuppence showed him a party trick of his own (not that I knew it); and that was to fit 3 hooves into his mouth and still bark! (I am not sure if Tuppence has shared this trick and told him how to do it).

Puppy wrestling is something that they both thoroughly enjoyed doing and perhaps should become an Olympic sport in the future – Tuppence and Ogden could come home with a gold medal! They spent many an hour at this, to the point that “time out”  had to be called and they were placed in down and stay positions until they had calmed down(nothing like using training/obedience skills to an advantage).
Talk about being put in the naughty corners!!!  If the play really got out of hand the introduction of the Puppy AAK, (attitude, adjustment, klapper) a rolled up newspaper was used to get their attention!

Fortunately or unfortunately, their time together is going to be short lived as Ogden is now not going to Cape Town so is staying with his Mum for a bit longer and she is starting a new job, so she is unable to keep the two hooligans until my return, so Tuppence is hopefully being sent to another home for the balance of my time in UK, and if not will be in kennels. (Mind you after all the fun and games, the exercise and the injuries (nothing serious – being winded, cuts over the eye and torn ear flap) sustained in three weeks perhaps it would not be a bad idea!).

Tuppence was sent to another happy home for the balance of the time that I was away.  Totally different environment as there was no other dog to play with so it was time to chill.  He disgraced himself rather though in my eyes, because I was told when I collected him on the day I landed back on SA soil that he had messed in the house on a couple of occasions.  Mind you that could have been due to the fact that there were feral cats on the property and I think he found eating their pooh a relish (sorry about that!).

He did however have plenty of walks by the river, and of course that meant swims too, and made plenty of new friends, to the point that he would rather go off and play with them than be recalled back to his temporary Mum.  She told me that many a time she had to run off to drag him back in the opposite direction.

Anyway he is now home and has settled back into his naughty routine, showing me that he objects my going out and leaving him by either digging in the newly planted lawn (my fault should not do it whilst I have a puppy), eating the sprinkler or catching the that kreepy krawly monster from the pool to show me how clever he is…. He just gives me the gooey eye look as if to say, “Sorry, but next time don’t leave without me”!  He does however bring me lots of things when he is “trying” to be good, so I am encouraging this just in case the powers that be decide to try him out as a service dog.

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