Unjani Clinic – Soweto

It was a bright and sunny morning on Wednesday the 21st August, as the Monday volunteers, admin staff and myself  (Florence Bilsland) set off on a wonderful adventure.
We were on our way to visit Unjani Clinic in Soweto.This is one of the pet projects that SAGA and the volunteers have taken under their wing.


We were like a bunch of school kids of on a day’s outing.


The first thing we all noticed once we were travelling in Soweto was how clean it was and how busy, it’s a hive of industry and there is plenty of things happening on every street corner.
Wow, were we super impressed with Unjani Clinic.
We were introduced to Nonceba the clinic sister and she explained what she does for the community there.


This quiet, calm lady knows what she is doing and is really hands on and in charge of this lovely clean clinic.
We were shown the admin office, the examination room and the dispensary.



We chatted to the mother of a little boy who had come to the clinic for tummy troubles.He was a little sweetie pie and his mother told us that the clinic is a blessing to the area, because they know that they will getgood medical attention and they will get medication, which is most important to the people who go there.



The volunteers at S A Guide-Dogs provide this clinic and other clinics too, with towels, bedding, clothes, soap and toys.
Everyone agreed that it was so good to be able to see where all their contributions go and just how well everything is run.


Before heading home we had a lovely picnic.
Our thanks go to Trixie-Belle Nicolle who is the driving force behind this wonderful clinic scheme and to our  charming driver Eric.




A super day was had by all.
Florence Bilsland, SAGA

We really appreciate an feel so special to be visited by our mothers grandmothers  and sisters, tell them we love them. We also thank them for their support. We thank them in advance for the support they will give us.

Thanks a lot
Unjani Clinic, Bram-Fischerville


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