The International Guide Dog Federation (IGDF) assessment of our training centre

image001A representative from the International Guide Dog Federation visited the Gladys Evans training centre during October. Kathy Zubryckifrom Guiding Eyes for the Blind (United States) assessed our centreover a number of days according to the strict standards put forth by the IGDF that determine whether Guide Dog Associations are eligible to become members, or in the case of SAGA, retain membership to the IGDF. Some of the services that SAGA provide that were assessed included client- services and selection, kennelling, our breeding program, and our Guide Dog training- and assessment program to name a few.

Some background on the IGDF

The International Guide Dog Federation (IGDF) was formed in 1989, following meetings over several years of Guide Dog organisations around the World.

The IGDF is comprised of approximately 80 member schools, whose purpose is to serve people who are blind or vision impaired around the world, by training and providing Guide Dogs. It has a growing and thriving membership with a small executive office based in Reading, UK.

Membership of the IGDF enables Guide Dog organisations around the world to join a community dedicated to serving people with vision impairment.  The IGDF facilitates a sharing of knowledge, experience, highest quality standards, methodologies and help for new or existing schools wanting to improve the quality of their operations.  All of this is focused on improving the safe independent mobility of blind and vision impaired people throughout the world.

SAGA is one of the founder members of the IGDF.

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