St George’s Elementary School visits S A Guide-Dogs

On Thursday, 10 March 2016, learners and teachers from St George’s Elementary School visited S A Guide-Dogs (GDA) to learn more about our working dogs and Orientation & Mobility Practitioners.


After an introduction by Head of Marketing Pieter van Niekerk and his Guide Dog O’Reilly, the class watched a video, which taught them about the work we do at GDA.  Mobility Instructors Hayley Cumming, Karen Opie and Percival Tlholoe brought their Guide Dogs in training and explained more about how they go about training future Guide Dogs. After the presentation, the children introduced themselves to the dogs, which was also a great socialisation opportunity our dogs in training.


Next, Elizabeth Louw, Head of the College of Orientation & Mobility at GDA, provided some very interactive insights on how visually impaired people navigate their daily lives (pouring beverages with the help of a cork, reading in braille, playing board games, walking with a cane and learning to rely on your remaining senses).


Thank you St George’s Elementary School for visiting us – we hope you left with a little more knowledge and understanding about what it means to be visually or physically impaired.


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