Reurts Family

Eric Reurts says … Life tends to throw difficult questions at us and some like …. “what do you want for Christmas” ….. have a habit of recurring.In our family with our daughters Saskia and Natasha living and studying in Australia, distance complicated matters even more.

For us a very satisfying solution was found after I met Pieter and Thornton at our office.Our company had raised funds to sponsor a guide dog and after I told the family about this gesture it did not take long for us to agree that instead of Christmas presents we would donate a guide dog.


The giving of independence, mobility and companionship to someone fits beautifully in the spirit of Christmas and the gift almost certainly outlasts all other Christmas gifts. This happened in 2007 and it has become an annual tradition in our family. It gives me great peace of mind because I already know what the family want for Christmas this year.


Our heartfelt thanks to Eric, Yolanda, Saskia and Natasha for their continued support and for making S A Guide-Dogs the recipient of their generous gifts.


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