Range Day starts with a bang

The excitement was tangible at the start of the first S A Guide-Dogs Association Range Day at the Broadway Shooting Club.

20161206-kwazulu-natal-news-range-day-_htm_34ba57fd5ae2d7a9Guide Dog owner, Kalai Chetty and Guide Dog, Edwin were guests of honour.

20161206-kwazulu-natal-news-range-day-_htm_445a3829ddf11018The day was a test of skill and speed as shooters battled it out for top honours over four different stages. Team work was evident as every participant assisted in setting up the stages for their fellow shooter.

20161206-kwazulu-natal-news-range-day-_htm_b23bbdfdcd6b0104Thomas Affleck of team Ihawu proved why he is rated as one of the best shots in South Africa and walked away as the Range Day Champion.

20161206-kwazulu-natal-news-range-day-_htm_cb57572d78b1fa9cThank you to the members of the Broadway Shooting Club for their support in hosting the day and assistance with the fundraiser.

A special word of thanks go to Ihawu Firearm Centre, Queensburg Guns and Sport, Auto Solutions, Carpetland and Elshaddai Engineering for their generous donations to our organisation.


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