Puppy Raising Visit to Sage

On Wednesday, 17 February 2016, the 3 ½ month old pups from the ‘XYZ’ litter, their Puppy Raisers and GDA staff visited the Sage HR and Payroll offices in Gallo Manor. This was part of a socialisation walk for the puppies, organised by S A Guide-Dogs supporter and Sage employee Shelly Joseph-Dixon.

The goal was to expose the puppies to a variety of different obstacles they would be likely to encounter later in life as working dogs – such as walking through glass doors (reflections are often scary for young pups), different surfaces (rubber  mats, tiles, grit-like surfaces), different types of stairs (spiral, straight and open staircases), elevators, as well as heights.

The puppies also experienced a busy office environment and the different sounds and smells that come with it, as well as vehicle  traffic and grass walkways in the office park. The Sage coffee shop was an ideal opportunity to test the puppies’ ability to ‘settle’ while their Puppy Raisers sat down for a cup of coffee.

This visit was a great success and will definitely become a regular feature in GDA’s puppy socialisation classes. Thank you to Sage HR and Payroll for helping these pups on their way to becoming future working dogs.


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