Puppies visit LAP

On Wednesday, 13 July 2016, Puppy Raisers, together with GDA’s Puppy Raising Supervisors, travelled to Little Ashford Preschool in Bryanston as part of their regular socialisation visits.

The visit included pups from the ‘C’ litter, one ‘B’ litter pup, and Qarma, currently the only German Shepherd on the scheme, who was donated to S A Guide-Dogs a few months ago.

The pups were introduced to the children in a very relaxed and positive setting. This is part of their socialisation training, in which they are exposed to a variety of different environments and people so that they grow up to be reliable working dogs.

This was another successful outing that brought these pups one step closer to becoming Guide Dogs, Service Dogs, or Autism Support Dogs. Thank you Little Ashford Preschool for always welcoming us!

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