PETSURE – Rina & Keiser

1 I was lucky to receive Keiser in 2012 from South African Guide-Dogs Association for the Blind.
Keiser is my fourth Guide Dog. A Guide Dog means more to a person who is visually impaired, than what a seeing person thinks. To me Keiser is my independence, my freedom and my friend.
We live in Pretoria.  I trust Keiser to take me around the office block where I work. In the mornings and afternoons we catch a bus to and from work. We sometimes have to walk to the local shop to get the daily necessities. If Keiser is sick or injured I have a problem.

I am so glad that we are part of Petsure. It gives me peace of mind to know Keiser is on a medical aid. I can take him for his yearly vaccinations and to the vet if I have to. I never have any problems with payment.

I can’t thank Petsure and S A Guide-Dogs enough for what they do for us.

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