Out of this world – Rivoningo

On Thursday, 14 April 2016, S A Guide-Dogs had some interstellar guests.

Rivoningo, an edutainment series for foundation phase learners that addresses literacy, numeracy, life orientation, science, technology and other learning areas, came to film at S A Guide-Dogs premises.

The show explores the foundation phase curriculum through fun, life skills, games and adventures with the help of its intergalactic guests.

The focus of this week’s episode is on Guide and Service Dog training, exploring what it takes to produce a viable working dog for a person who is visually or physically impaired.

Rivoningo broadcasts on SABC 2, Monday to Friday, at 10:30am. If you have young children, keep an eye out for this episode, which will be airing soon.

Thank you Rivoningo for educating our youth on the importance of Guide and Service Dog training.


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