o’Reilly’s Birthday


Monday 18th August saw a celebration with a difference.  Our very own O’Reilly Retriever, marketing guru, office mascot and guide dog and best friend to Pieter van Niekerk, celebrated his 7th birthday.  This makes him close on 50 in human years so definitely one of our senior office staff.

The festivities were celebrated in true style with a beautiful doggie- cake sponsored by Bob Martin, which, true to O’Reilly’s nature, he shared with his invited guests.  His Dad, Puppy Raiser, work colleagues and other human friends were all treated to a wonderful party.

O’Reilly shared his day with Sue Bailey (a volunteer visiting from the UK), who also celebrates her birthday this week.  She says that she too is 49 plus VAT, but refused to commit to a percentage.

O’Reilly thoroughly enjoyed his 50th birthday celebration and lapped up all the attention. He spent the afternoon fast asleep under the desk dreaming of a doggy heaven filled with yummy cakes, and everything that he’s usually not allowed!

Thank you to all his generous, dog-loving friends, including a delegation from Bob Martin, for making such a special event of his birthday!





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