Moira Higgerty Retires

Moira Higgerty retired after 35 years of loyal service. Moira, a social worker by training, became very interested in the plight of people who are visually impaired. Moira joined  South African Guide-Dogs Association for the Blind and was instrumental in developing and growing the College of Orientation and Mobility (COM). COM was established n 1974 when the board and the current Executive Director, Ken Lord, recognised that many people who were visually impaired needed services  other the the provision of a Guide Dog.

The solution to this problem was to train sighted Orientation and Mobility practitioners who would be skilled to train people with visual impairment to live life independently. This training includes daily living skills, sighted guide, mobility training and training to use a long cane as a mobility aid.

For the past 35 years Moira has championed this cause and advocated for the rights of people who are visually impaired. Moira’s passion is contagious; as an educator and mentor she has shared her knowledge and wisdom with many Orientation and Mobility practitioners, Guide Dog Mobility Instructors, nurses, community rehabilitation workers and other interested parties, during her many years of service.

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