Losing weight for good

A group of Golfers regularly playing at Bryanston Country Club decided to put a spin on their New Year’s Resolutions for 2016.

John Falconer and Mike Halle, both wanting to make health a priority in 2016, were challenged by one of their fellow players to see which of them could lose the most weight during a three-month period. The loser would donate $100 to S A Guide-Dogs (GDA).

Both of them took it very seriously, committing to a diet and exercise plan that helped them shed the extra weight.

At the weigh-in, which took place at Bryanston Country Club on 3 April, it was also decided that any spectators to the event should contribute an additional $20, while the winner would have to cough up $50.

John Falconer won, having lost an amazing 14 kg, while his competitor Mike lost a slightly lesser amount of 12kg.

The group raised a total of R5 000 for GDA, which was topped up to R8,000. The money was donated to S A Guide-Dogs this week.

Thank you John and Mike for all the hard work. This is most definitely the most inventive fundraising strategy we have seen!


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