LIBALELE GOLF CHALLENGE – Golfing history or madness

The Libalele golf challenge between Newcastle and Utrecht golf club’s was held on 24 & 25 September 2015.
The challenge was to play from Tee no.1 at NN golf club to hole 18 at Utrecht golf club, with the least amount of shots. No, not on their proper golf course’s, but through the veld-40km of ROUGH!

The challenge was initiated by Utrecht GC, the mad lot, to Newcastle GC who do not turn their backs on a challenge. The idea was to do something more unique than just the routine round of golf and if successful, raise funds for charity, to promote our area in Northern Natal nationally and maybe make history!
For the golfers the rules were simple. Placing 10 meter radius on a peg or any natural substance like turf or grass or whatever the animals drop in the veld. Not to disturb Mother Nature – kalemba’s not allowed.

There was but one shot penalty for out of bounds (N11, Iscor road, R34, private dwellings and premises), lost or unplayable balls.

The event was organised between the committees of both golf clubs. Great teamwork resulted from this initiative.

The game started at 07h15 from NN club, unfortunately there were carry forward areas at the N11 Iscor crossing (road was too busy) and north of Iscor /Buffalo river areas where grass and trees prevented us from crossing. (Without kalemba’s)






Revenge-talks for a challenge from Utrecht back to NN has already been raised!

The challenge was enjoyed by all and the organisers would like to thank each and every one who participated in making this event as enjoyable as it was.

It was our pleasure to donate R1000 to the “South African Guide-Dogs Association for the Blind”.

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