Jazzing Around Concert

Cat Simoni and the Anthony Yoko Band (Anthony Yoko on drums, John Fresk on piano and Graeme “birthday boy” Currie on Base) had the audience entranced from start to finish.  The versatile Cat Simoni is warm, witty and she sings like a nightingale. Cat supported the dogs by singing songs made famous by Judy Garland, Barbara Streisand and Nina Simone to name a few.


John Fresh swapped places with Cat to sing the Elvis classic “Hound Dog” which was re-titled “Guide-Dog”, this song so excited some of the canine members of the audience that they joined in with some enthusiastic barking. Anthony Yoko brought the house down with a drumming solo “Drumming Man.” Paul Spence made sure that the audience did not miss their cue or their words during the audience participation numbers “Wham, Bam, Alakazam”  out of the Nat King Cole song, “Orange Colored Sky” and “So do I” from “A-tisket A -tasked” by Ella Fitzgerald.

It was such a treat to be entertained by these world class musicians on a public holiday for a good cause.


Thank you to Philip Kuhn and Anthony Yoko (for planning the concert), Daphne Kuhn and the Auto and General Theatre on the Square team (for hosting the concert) and to the talented performers.

Thank you to all of the Association’s members and supporters who attended this event and made an additional contribution to our collection. The cash collection on the day raised R3448.20


We hope to see you all next year!

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