Introduction to Christine Puppy raiser and Tuppence

Hi, my name is Christine.  I have been a puppy raiser for guide dogs for approximately seven years.
Tuppence is my eighth dog


When I first started puppy raising my son Garth was still living at home, and he assisted me, but now I am helped by my domestic worker Maria and her son Thando.


I have two other dogs of my own, Sammy a 10 year old cross Labradorand Xara a 4 yearold  cross breed.  Whenever a new puppy arrives I can almost see words on their faces “oh Mum, not another one”.
Sammy having had a litter of puppies definitely puts the pups in their place from day 1 when they come home.  Sometimes they listen, sometimes they don’t.  Xara on the other hand, never having had puppies, tries to be the mother hen and watches them constantly.
What will follow over the next weeks and months is the diary of Tuppence, giving the ups, the downs, the good and the bad of being a puppy raiser for SAGA.


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