Guide Dog puppies take a ride on the Gautrain

David Meyerowitz, one of the Puppy Raisers at S A Guide-Dogs Association for the Blind, recently arranged for some of our trainers, marketing staff and Puppy Raisers to travel on the Gautrain.

Although it was a rainy day, all participants arrived at Sandton Gautrain station in high spirits.  Elsabe Human, Administrative Assistant in Communication and Marketing at Gautrain met up with participants and ensured for smooth travelling from Sandton station to Hatfield and back again.

Security staff and fellow commuters were intrigued by the dogs in red jackets, many of them asking about the Association and posing with the bundles of fluff.

The aim of the excursion was to afford puppies with an opportunity to be exposed to the various sights and sounds when commuting on the train.

The puppies had to navigate through peak hour traffic and over a variety of different surfaces.  With construction in Sandton in full swing, this was a daunting task but we are proud of all our Puppy Raisers and puppies who did very well.

Exposure to a variety of environments and situations form a vital part of the puppies’ training.  It is vital that working dogs are able to keep calm and focussed in such busy, high traffic environments.  Sandton and the Gautrain station provide the perfect environment for training and desensitising purposes.


After the ninety minute commute, Werner du Preez (Deputy General Manager at the Radisson Blu) escorted Puppy Raisers and staff to the prestigious hotel where all were treated to a delicious brunch.

Happy puppies were welcomed by staff members at the hotel.  Werner Geere (General Manager at the Hotel) and his team put together a water relief station for the puppies, complete with mineral water and faux grass carpet!

We would like to thank all parties who were involved and ensured that the morning was a success.


Thank you to Barbara Jensen and Elsabe Human from Gautrain who made travelling on the Gautrain such a pleasant experience for our dogs.


We would also like to thank the staff at the Radisson Hotel in Sandton for their hospitality and generosity; this was much appreciated by our hungry Puppy Raisers and staff members.


We look forward to many more such training experiences and to a fruitful relationship with Gautrain and Radisson Blu.





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