Guide Dog Graduation

On Sunday, 17 April, four new partnerships were forged at our latest Guide Dog graduation ceremony:

Kay Chetty from Durban and Edwin (Yellow Labrador/Golden Retriever cross)

Francois du Toit from Upington, a first-time Guide Dog owner, and Brinley (Golden Retriever)

Hannelie Minnie from Pretoria and Barley (Golden Retriever)

Stefan Steyn from Polokwane and Bowie (Golden Retriever)


It was a lovely ceremony under the Syringa tree, with many supporters and sponsors present. There were a number of brief presentations on Guide, Service and Autism Support Dog training, as well as the services provided through our College of Orientation & Mobility.

The highlight came in the form of an address delivered by one of the Guide Dog owners, Stefan Steyn, who added some colour to the ceremony with his very personal but humorous style.

Thank you to everyone who attended and made this day extra special. We wish all of these new partnerships the very best on their journey toward Independence, Mobility and Companionship.


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