Guide Dog Graduation

On Sunday, 5 June 2015, eight new partnerships were forged at our latest Guide Dog graduation ceremony:

Anne Beukes with Juliet (Labrador)

Thea du Plooy with Hershey (Labrador/Golden Retriever cross)

Wesley Grant with Barkis (Golden Retriever)

Brendan Griesel with Hubble (Labrador/Golden Retriever cross)

Ivaan Levendal with Lewis (Labrador/Golden Retriever cross)

Deidre Roderiques with Kuben (Labrador)

Briony Steenkamp with Ludo (Labrador/Golden Retriever cross)

Alre van Staden with Jasper (Labrador)


It was a surprisingly mild winter’s day under the Syringa tree. Supporters and sponsors were out in full force, including Johannesburg Mini Councilors as well as a variety of Lion’s Clubs, who also contributed to the day’s events with their own presentations. Pretoria City Lion’s Club also pledged a Silver Sponsorship and The Wilds Lion’s Club reached their 30th  Bronze Sponsorship.

There were also brief talks on Guide, Service and Autism Support Dog training, as well as the services provided through our College of Orientation & Mobility.

Guide Dog owner Brendan Griesel addressed the audience on behalf of the other students, emphasizing the difference these Guide Dogs makes in the life of a person who is visually impaired, thanking those who make this possible.

Thank you to everyone who attended and made this day extra special. We wish all of these new partnerships the very best on their journey toward Independence, Mobility and Companionship.


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