Goodbye Tenille….

And so one day in September we got the e-mail that all puppyraiser families dread!

It was time for Tenille and her siblings Tommy, Tigger, Tekoa, Tiffany and Trip to go back to the Gladys Evans Centre for their formal Guide Dog training.

We fetched you as a tiny 7 week old puppy in December 2013 and the T-litter turned one year in October.  The first chapter of your life in our house is now over.

We watched you grow from a bumbling ball of fluff, to a long-legged teen to a calm, poised blonde young dog who loves soft toys, a dog bed and a blanket.


With your sweet nature you crept all too deeply into the hearts of everyone who met you.  You excelled at obedience classes and turned out to be clever, lovable and loving.  You just have all the right qualities to be a Guide Dog or a Service Dog.

You and the rest of your litter are now in big school and have to get used to kennel life.

It was really hard to say goodbye and we miss you daily.  We know you are going to be a wonderful Guide Dog and companion to your new owner.

We will watch your progress and training with pride.  We hope you will maybe come home for a visit over the Christmas period or somewhere during your training before you graduate by March or April next year and join your new owner and new family.

We know you are going to contribute to someone’s life and independence in a big way.


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