On invitation of Low Vision Centre and Orcam, Pieter van Niekerk and Willemien Kleijn attended a demonstration of the new Israeli Orcam device earlier this month, and were astonished with the possible uses thereof! It is a camera which mounts onto your spectacles to give you the following feedback in OCR format:

  • Reading of magazines and ink print material;
  • Facial recognition of persons preprogrammed into the memory of the device;
  • Identification of the number of persons in a particular room;
  • Reading of large sign boards for the identification of buildings, indoor shops, counters, etc.;
  • Potential identification of smaller items by reading labels (cans, medication, etc.)

One would discover more uses for this very impressive device by experimenting with it, and GDA may receive a demo unit from Orcam in the near future to test.








Info sheet below from Hazel Sacharowitz from Low Vision Centre





Orcam MyEye is an intuitive wearable device with a smart camera designed to assist people who are blind or visually impaired.

OrCam gives independence

Easy to Use

All you have to do is point.

OrCam MyEye responds to simple gestures making it easy to use – whether it’s to read, find an item or recognize a face or product. No need to search for audio books, learn new software or use other tools.


OrCam can read printed text, in real time.

You can read newspapers and books, signs, labels on consumer products and even text on a computer or smartphone screen. Perfect for use at home and on the go.

Recognize people

OrCam recognizes known faces. No more guessing – previously stored faces are recognized and announced upon entering the camera’s view. Less awkward situations, more control of your environment.

Identify your personal items

Personalize your OrCam device by teaching it to identify specific products around you.

Identify previously entered consumer products, money notes and credit cards to make shopping and browsing quicker and easier. All that with just the point of a finger

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