Fun and Games at the Royal Show

Thanks to all our supporters for making it the most successful show ever!!


Robin Giles played with Scott while unimpressed Hudson looked on

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PRO dog Dougal feeling very sorry for himself after he was IOD and ripped a nail off – he did love all the sympathy though.


Guide-Dog Kenya close up and relaxed


Jacque Dawson brought Scott along to help and they were called ‘the two blondes’ and attracted a lot of attention. Doogs wasn’t impressed at the competition


Fred Rascher from the Vintage Car Club presents Di Turner with a donation cheque from the proceeds of Cars in the Park which they organised.


And then we had the cheek to sell them a car ticket


PRO Doogs meets a donkey


Taking time out for a game Kenya and Dougal alleviating boredom.


Gail Spooner’s Guide Dog Kenya got bored and decided to entertain the crowds.

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