On 13 September 2016, Ford After Sales Department from Silverton Ford in Pretoria, rolled up their sleeves at S A Guide-Dogs Association for the Blind.  This was part of Ford Do It Day which is a Ford Global Initiative enabling the staff at Ford to give back to the community.

What a fabulous day!

FCSD Community Project 2016

  • S A Guide-Dogs Association for the Blind –

Mmmmmm, it might not look good… but trust us – it was FABULOUS!

20161025-gauteng-news-ford-do-it-day_htm_2cb6e3f68702596bPhilip Bell in his ‘cage.’ Now now, Philip… be a good boy!

20161025-gauteng-news-ford-do-it-day_htm_c0afdc4f45aff911Some of the PS&L and Technical Dept Team who helped with sandpapering and varnishing of handrails and furniture

20161025-gauteng-news-ford-do-it-day_htm_d91061c41ae98bb2The “Gardening Team” – clearing, weeding, chopping down trees (yes, with hand-held saws nogal!!)… hard work, lots of sweat, and sore muscles today!


20161025-gauteng-news-ford-do-it-day_htm_35590c3daf65ddb7Varnishing of beds, desks and chairs for the College of Orientation and Mobility students who attend a two year Diploma Course at the centre.

20161025-gauteng-news-ford-do-it-day_htm_f352bcdebe2e41d3Some of our Ladies of the Team during our walking (ummm… sitting!) tour of the facilities at GDA


20161025-gauteng-news-ford-do-it-day_htm_c686c97006606aacThe TEAM! Together with Pieter van Niekerk and O’Reilly from GDA in the centre!

Take a look at what GDA does in the attached videos!

What a fabulous and inspiring day it was! The FCSD Team, together with the GDA Staff, got stuck into the gardens on the huge property together with a landscaper and gardening consultant who assisted in what needed to be taken out, cleared, chopped down etc. At the end of the day, you could see the difference! Well done, Gardening Team

The Gladys Evans Training Centre – Gladys Evans was a lady who was visually impaired, founded this organisation – has rooms where Guide Dog Owners are housed for two weeks during training. Beds, desks and chairs had to be varnished for the students. Sticky, smelly varnish and thinners was the call of the day, but well done to the Varnishing Team

Wooden Handrails had to be sanded and revarnished – good work from Evan, Rudi and Bennie putting in some elbow grease and varnish – those rails look as good as new!

Bruce and Alex tackled the GDA library – books had to be sorted and captured on their database… this didn’t take our two lads too long, and once done they were hauled into the Gardening Team for some manual labour! Good work, Guys!

After lunch, a walkabout tour of the facilities was enjoyed with one of the Senior Mobility Instructors. What amazing work these folk do with people who are visually or physically impaired. It was inspiring to be part of an organisation such as GDA’s daily routine – and it makes us humble and thankful and grateful for what we so often take for granted – sight and mobility!

THANK YOU to each member of the TEAM for your hard work and commitment to yesterday’s project. Let’s do it again in 2017!

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