Diary of Titan 3


JUNE 2013 Part 2

So, we introduced Titan to his new home, family, vet and the local malls. We even taught him the new routes – what next? Oh, it is time to go back to work again, and I cannot wait.  My aftercare trainer accompanied me to explain to everyone what to expect from the new and improved Carol.


Going round the office and introducing Titan to everyone was not only exciting, but also enlightening. You know the saying – you cannot teach an old dog new tricks? Well let me tell you, Titan taught me a lot in those first few minutes at work. When we were doing our rounds, I was astounded how many people were amazed at his size – they thought that he would be smaller. Honestly, can you see me with a pug across the road? What were they thinking? This comment however made me realize that not everyone knows about Guide Dogs. At this time I decided that not only will I ensure that Titan experiences new things all the time before retiring, but at the same time, together we can expose people to Guide Dogs and tell them about what a wonderful soul he is.

Teaching people about Guide Dogs is not the only important factor in my life – understanding people is my other passion. And this is where Titan once again taught me something that I would never have known. My work is a true reflection of South Africa. We have many people from different cultures and religions working together to make the Inner City of Johannesburg a better place for all. Talking to one of my colleagues, who practices and lives according to the Muslim faith, I discovered that he cannot touch a dog. This makes them unclean, so if he wants to go to prayers after touching Titan, he has to go home first, bathe and change clothing. Who knew? I didn’t, but because of Titan I learnt something. Is this not absolutely amazing?

How did the other people at work take to Titan? I am going to let you judge for yourself.  Below are a few comments:

Titan and I met last month, when I was at Afhco for only a week. What a way to start off a new job! Nothing better than a gorgeous, friendly, well-mannered puppy on a mission!! Just makes office hours so much more interesting! Think it’ll be happy days here… – Isabel Nunes (Property Accountant)
Well what can I say? Before Titan came into Carol’s life – in the work environment Carol has always been so serious, focused and very driven. Titan has taught Carol to slow down and take notice of everything around her. I would say that Titan and Carol is a match made in heaven. – Amanda Esterhuizen (Financial Manager)

I am a dog lover, especially the small naughty types of dogs. When I first met Titan he reminded me of a handsome man that nobody has ever seen. He is disciplined but has those little exciting moments where he runs around the office and plays like a small child. The best part about Titan is that he never took long to learn his way around here. Besides the fact that he poo poo’s near my car, one can see that he takes good care of you. He follows you wherever you go, especially to the loo. The best part about expressing our version is that we can compliment the owner, Carol you are great with him – if I have ever seen someone strict but kind with him – it is you. I am glad that he is a part of the team, especially the AFHCO team. – Sumaiya Gök (Human Resources Manager)

I must say that Titan has brought a homely feeling to the office. Offices are serious and stressful places, and he reminds us about the wonders of nature and the world. He is such a chilled dog, and I think everyone really loves having him at the office – Renney Plit (CEO)

As you can gather, I am more chilled, so why not go to a nice relaxing concert?

Titan’s new experience for the month:

On the 23rd June Titan attended his first big bog function – we went to go and see Rocco (a vibrant pianist) at Emperors Palace. This was amazing. My Mom, Titan and I enjoyed it so much, we had to buy a CD and have it signed by Rocco afterwards. Rocco was so impressed and amazed when he met us, because he said that he did not even know there was a dog in the audience. Titan was so well behaved and mellow (only we could hear him snoring).

The lesson I have taken from all of this is that new experiences can forever embed heart-warming memories on our souls if we take the time to do so.

My challenge to everyone this month – take a picture of a Guide Dog or Service Dog or write to us about a personal experience meeting a Guide Dog or Service Dog. If you have time during the week, go to the Guide-Dog Association and meet the Guide Dogs in training, take a picture and send it to us and you never know, Pet Masters might surprise you with a mystery gift.
With that I bid thee all farewell untill next month.


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  1. Lorraine March 13, 2014 at 7:45 am # Reply

    Lovely to read an update on Titan, I puppy walked his brother Themba & he to is a gentle soul.

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