Diary of Tenille 1

Hi everyone!


My name is Tenille. I am eight weeks old and I have been living with the Bakers, my puppywalker family, for one week.  One day I will be a GuideDog or maybe even a Service Dog. I will be living with my first “temporary” family for one year before going for formal training.

This is me on the first day when I came home, Friday 13th Dec.

On the way home that day I was very good in the car.  I just got comfortable and slept, peeping at the humans every once in a while.  I hear some puppies get motion sickness in the beginning or howl all the way home, but not me. Let me tell you, life in a crazy household filled with humans and animals is quite an adventure and very different to life with your siblings in the puppy block at the kennels!
Joss is one of the dogs in my new foster home.  He is one of the J-litter of puppies and I am one of the T-litter. Joss was going to be a guidedog who was withdrawn from the program in August due to health reasons. Well now Joss is my new best friend! We mock fight and wrestle for hours and hours every day.  In between we take long, luxurious naps.  We get lots of cuddles and admiration from the humans.

On this photo you will see me and Rebecca from the house next door.  She fell in love with me instantly.

There are so many new things to explore.  This week it rained quite a bit.  By the way did I mention I love the rain? Mom says I have the potential to be quite a gardener.  I helped Joss and Uncle Sam, the Belgian Shepherd to excavate a few existing holes in the lawn because it was so soggy and muddy.  When mom carried me in from outside to show my muddy paws up to my elbows, my muddy face and ears I just hung there like a limp ragdoll and made my “innocent” face doing the slow-blink with my long eyelashes. I have found that works well on humans!

This week I have already learnt a few new things. One of them is to sleep in a canvas doggy crate that looks like a human tent. The first few nights I woke up every two hours. But the last three nights I “slept through.” Jennifer is my night mother. She takes me outside to do a “busy” on leash every time I wake up.

In my new life grass is one of the most fascinating things ever!

I sniff it, roll in it, pull at it with my teeth and pounce on it if it moves. At night when we go out I even lie down on it with my legs sprawled out because it is such a good feeling.
I am also learning to walk on a leash although I am still struggling with this a bit. Sometimes I just stay sitting while the human is already walking. But mom says it will get better in time.
Another thing I have learnt is to “sit” and look cute with an intense expression on my face when the humans are busy with the food bowls. The moment they put the bowl down, sitting goes out of my head and I dive in, but the fact that I sit down expectantly out of my own seems to please them.

We will share with you from time to time how I grow upover the next year.

My imitation of the puma logo.
Till next time!

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  1. André van Wyk January 9, 2014 at 9:28 am # Reply

    Good luck at your new home Tenille. Looking forward to reading about your adventures on your way becoming an awesome guide dog.

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