Diary of Tenille 8

Good day all you good people out there!

Below is a picture of me just being beautiful.


I hear this every day from my humans. They say I have a calmness surrounding me and they say I have the sweetest nature ever!   Well, what can I say!

We go on outings all the time for me to get used to different surroundings, sights and sounds, and to learn not to be scared and distracted by things I do not know.  So the more situations I am exposed to, the more socialized I become.

Can you spot me in this photo between the hobby horses?  They are bigger than me!



And here I am posing in front of a shop window at Irene Mall with some wild life.

Mom and I sitting on the sidewalk around 5 pm to become used to traffic and different sounds.

Last month during the SAGA puppy walk I did not like walking on the pavement with cars and especially trucks approaching us from the front when they travel fast. So more road work and traffic walks coming up…


At the theatre with my humans last weekend. After a while it became boring so I just lay down at their feet and slept until the show was over.


We saw children on bicycles zooming past when we went for a picnic last week. I got quite excited when the young men were kicking a ball close to us.  Not sure if I wanted to join in or run away and hide when they did that.

What do you think of this strange rhinoceros creature? Is it art or is it alive?


I don’t get snacks from the humans when they eat so I do not bother them at all when they have meals even when they sit on the ground at the picnic and eat things that smell very interesting.


At the botanical gardens I saw the most wonderful sight!


Ducks gliding past us on the water at the botanical gardens.  They were too awesome for words, indescribable. I think I want one

Well that’s it for now, folks.  As you can see and read I am growing and learning day by day.  Life is exciting!

Tenille, future guidedog

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  1. Tanya July 3, 2014 at 4:51 pm # Reply

    Hello Tenille,

    You are growing up so quickly and you really are absolutely beautiful. I am so proud of all your learning – you are doing such a marvellous job.

    and thanks mom for all your hard work too 🙂


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