Diary of Tenille 7

Hallo all the ones out there who love furry creatures!

Today I want to share some photos with you guys and girls of a day I really had fun. It happened like this.  It rained a lot in the night.  The next morning after we had our breakfast, mom took a shower.  So that is when I took a chance to see what I think of taking up gardening or excavation as a future job.

So here goes…  What do you think of it?
When mom got out of the bathroom she found me on the old duvet inner that is part of the dog bedding in her room.




Joss also came to have a look

We got thrown out pretty quickly, me and the blanket.



Mom did not scold me, I even think I could see she was trying to keep a straight face.


Until next time!
Tenille, guidedog in training

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