Diary of Tenille 4

Good day to all my friends out there!

When I am not playing, I am sleeping


The humans, Zoe, Joss and Sam take turns to supervise my whereabouts.  Here Joss is on duty.


Playing under Zoe’s watchful eye

It feels as if this has been my home forever. Mom says we have established a routine now. I eat three meals a day and the big dogs eat twice a day. I have no food aggression and I do not mind being touched while I eat. I get groomed or stroked while I eat. They can touch my ears and lift my paws, move my bowl around, even pick it up. At 10 weeks I can now eat 100 grams of puppy food at every meal. At lunch time when it is so hot I often leave about half of my food, but mom is not worried about that as I am apparently growing like a weed.

What I have realized, from the first week already, is the other dogs have nicer food than me. Puppy food is b-o-r-i-n-g. Sam has tasty food for mature dogs, Joss has the “lite” version for his Labrador weight issue and Zoe has special small bite-sized cubes for fussy eaters.  Me, I would rather have any of the others’ food than puppy food.

The humans laugh- they say Joss was exactly the same when he was small. So what happens now is I get benched to stay at my bowl until I am finished and especially until the others are finished. Unfair, I would say that the smallest of everyone is chained against the table foot while the big ones are free!


Exploring the front yard with my friends when the humans are on that side of the house. Paradise!

As soon as I am unhooked from the leash I run to each of the three other bowls to inspect them.  Sometimes I am lucky and find a few crumbs. I lick all their bowls and dream of the day when I am finished with puppy food and when I can also have adult dog cuisine.

Apart from “sit” and “leave it”, I am now also learning to ”wait” for humans to go through any door before me. This is quite hard as I would love to rush ahead but I am not allowed to. The latest thing I have learnt, is “fetch”. They throw a toy into my crate and tell me to fetch it. I then run after it, pounce on it like a snow fox and come out. I hear “good fetch!” and then we can do it all over again. Great fun!


Following the big dogs everywhere.  Me and Sam

I must tell you something else I find unfair is this thing about not getting on to couches and beds. Guide Dogs in training are not allowed on furniture. It sure looks comfy up there.  And only Zoe and the cats are allowed to lie there.  At times the humans lie on the grass with me or sit on the floor so I can climb all over them and they can cuddle me. I like that, but if I start chewing on them, they get up. I am also not allowed to “mouth” them and if I do, my lip gets curled over my own teeth to teach me not to chew on them. So mostly I just chew on my toys, the cow hooves and on Joss.

As I told you when we are not playing, we are sleeping. Here I am sharing Joss’ bed with him.


Well that’s all for now folks!
Tenille, Guide Dog in training

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