Diary of Tenille 2

So another 2 weeks over, my first Christmas come and gone and I hear it is now a new year!
Life is good, so much fun, so much to experience…

I had my first bath at home the other day. Nothing to it. I was not scared at all. After a while I had enough and started to complain a bit. But Joss was there all the time watching closely. On the photo you can see his head over the side of the bath reassuring me it was going to be over shortly. Joss likes having baths, but Zoe, the border(line) collie was lying at a safe distance in the passage.


Me looking like a little worm with my fur all wet.
I met some cats too. Interesting creatures! If you sit still you get a chance to look at them, but if you move too fast they disappear quickly. If you chase them you get in trouble with the humans. If you nuzzle them when they are sleeping or get too closewhen they don’t want to, you get a smack against the nose before you know what happened that leaves you smarting. Mom says Joss and I must learn to respect the cats. They have sharp claws and make mean warning sounds when they are upset. I think I understand why they need to be respected.


Me and Dude getting acquainted.
The other day I met the neighbour dogs who always look at me through the fence. There are two super large grey Great Danes called Xena and Monster. Huge, man! There is also a yellow Labrador like Joss and a strange little white one with wiry hair sticking out in all directions. So we all sniffed at each other and I explored their yard. Nothing wrong, size and numbers don’t intimidate me.
Back home Zoe has now decided I am okay and mom made a video the other day of me and Zoe playing tag. I have watched closely and see Zoe is the Boss, not Uncle Sam the old Shepherd. Zoe sleeps on mom’sbed and she can make really “ugly teeth” when she curls her upper lip.Zoe is the main bitch (if you know what I mean) and I know I must stay in her good books. On this photo you see her beautiful long haired coat and she is with the alpha human in our house.


I am learning the command: “Leave it!”
This is really serious. When you hear those words said in a stern way, you listen! No two ways about it. Just like your dog momma used to growl at you when she had had enough.You stop in mid-air, you stop digging mud, you stop eating cat food (good stuff that), you stop chewing the carpet. If you listen immediately, the humans are very pleased and life carries on.
Till next time then. There is another adventure waiting around the corner…
Tenille, Guide Dog in training

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