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Calling all our Cape donors and supporters to support S A Guide-Dogs and watch a spectacular show at the Artscape Opera House on Saturday, 4 October at 20h00 – it is also World Animal Day

artscapeDancers Love Dogs is a registered NPO committed to raise funds through dance by hosting annual events to assist animals in need of sterilization.  The ticket price is R250 and the whole amount sponsors one sterilization which is paid directly to the vet.  

GDA will have the opportunity of having a stand in the reception area to raise awareness and funds with the guests before the show and during the interval.  Our Guide-Dogs owners and dogs will also be featured in the beginning of the show and during the interval but the details are a surprise for now. If you love dance and dogs then this is the perfect event for you!


Dancers Love Dogs is committed to supporting animals in need of sterilization. By reducing the number of unwanted animals in the community, we are able to reduce the number of pets euthanized. Our philosophy is to produce a show in each participating city, whereby all performers / people / resources involved donate their time, talent and amenities allowing 100% of the profits to be used for sterilization.


dog1          dog2

“I have rescued many strays and lost dogs in my life. It is now par for the course to have a dog blanket, collar and lead , with a few treats, always handy in my car, just in case! On the 17th February 2012, I was driving in rush hour morning traffic on the highway past the airport, when I noticed a small figure hobbling along the side of the highway, so sick he could hardly keep on his feet.

With the help of a wonderful man named Manie, a gentleman who stopped to see if I was “safe”, and two of the township men, it took us almost 90 minutes to exhaust the poor little boy into giving up and allowing us to catch him. Whilst driving to my vet, Dr Duncan Siegfried (Hillside Vets in Wynberg), holding this little mange-ridden boy, I decided I had to make a difference! This is Miles, the little boy who made Dancers LOVE Dogs become a reality.” – Brigitte Reeve-Taylor

• Seven successful shows (CPT, DBN, JHB, PRETORIA)
• Over 5000 sterilizations conducted
• Over R850 000 raised
• NPO #: 117 329
2014 we have extended our teams to Port Elizabeth, East London and George.

 If we DANCE for you… will YOU help us help them?


BRIGITTE REEVE TAYLOR – Founder: 021 671 2442 | 082 707 1110 | NPO number 117-329 | Facebook: Dancers Love Dogs | Twitter: @DancersLoveDogs.



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