COM EDUCATION – College of Orientation & Mobility: What does the term ‘low vision’ mean?

Low vision is a term describing a level of vision below normal that cannot be corrected with conventional glasses, medical treatment or surgery. Low vision is not the same as blindness. People with low vision can use their sight. However, low vision may interfere with the performance of daily activities, such as reading, shopping, preparing meals, signing their name or watching TV.


People who have low vision can be assisted to make the best use of the vision they have. Aids such as magnifiers or loupes can be used for seeing computer screens or for sewing. Telescopic glasses or monoculars can be used for watching television. Adaptive daily living equipment can be used to make everyday tasks easier, such as clocks with large numbers and using contrasting colours. Orientation and Mobility Practitioners are trained to work with low vision clients.


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