Sighted Guide Workshops

The College of Orientation and Mobility held Sighted Guide Workshops for members of the public on Saturday, 12 March and Thursday, 17 March. The purpose of the workshop was to teach the skill of guiding a person with visual impairment safely, in a number of different common situations. They learnt how to guide someone in narrow spaces, walking up and down stairs, finding a seat, opening and closing doors and how to use a shopping trolley.

Our O&M Practitioners Nomonde, Mmalomile, Salome and Michelle facilitated the training in a very practical way, which encouraged the attendees to apply what they had learnt. As training took place in small groups there was time to teach the techniques individually and to practise them. A great deal of fun was had by all as they completed their final obstacle course test. They were all found competent and awarded certificates of attendance.

Both workshops were well attended with a total of twenty one people receiving training. This means that there are twenty one more people who are able to assist people with visual impairment.

For enquiries regarding future Sighted Guide Workshops, please feel free to contact Grace at the College of Orientation and Mobility at

Mmalomile Mokoena, O&M Practitioner, teaching how to guide a visually impaired person while using stairs.

Participants in our recent Sighted Guide Workshop

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