+27 Advertising takes the lead on SA Guide-Dogs Association

Agency guides the way toward a bright future for the NPO

logo1We live in a complex world. One fraught with many complicated issues and difficulties to solve. As advertising agencies, we find ourselves in a unique position as problem solvers and game changers and need only take time to reflect on the impact we have on the world around us daily. It is important then, that in a country like ours, we work together and start to flex our creative muscles for a worthy cause.

One such organisation, that has been making a change since 1953 and bringing hope to visually impaired people, is the SA Guide-Dogs Association for the Blind, and +27 Advertising are honoured to wrap their hearts and heads around the cause. “All over the world there are organisations springing up that are trying to solve the world’s problems and they need the pro-bono services of an ad agency, an accounting firm, social media manager, etc. It is so important as a country that we assist such organisations where we can. Pay it forward, so to say,” shares Prenneven Govender, +27 Advertising’s Founding Partner & Managing Director.

As the agency’s first pro bono client, +27 Advertising have to date worked with SA Guide-Dogs Association in designing a new logo and are currently working on a fresh new look for their website, some DM pieces and there are future plans for new Above-the-Line creative and communications work.

“Owning a guide dog is a life-changing experience for someone with a visual impairment”, shares Govender. “And given the fact that the organisation receives no government funding and relies on the support of businesses and the community, we found it only fitting to give back to a team of individuals who provide an invaluable service to the community.”

“A pro bono project is such a fulfilling project for any team,” imparts Adrian Miller, Executive Creative Director & Founding Partner of +27 Advertising. “I’ve always seen a marked difference when a project and organisation’s cause means something to the team. They feel like they are doing something valuable that will change a life in some way. And this is not to say it is all fun and no work, as there has to be just as much an investment in the success of the creative output as any billable client.”

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